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With a logical and scientific approach, we now have within our grasp the ability to help patients feel better, look better, and see better. Furthermore, we can help prevent and treat disease – especially for those diseases that happen with aging!

One hundred years ago people only lived into their 50s. But thanks to advancements in medicine and how people live, we now can achieve a lifespan of 70, 80 or even 90 years. The trend is unmistakable to a longer life, however, along with a more extended lifespan statistics show the rise of chronic age-related disease with Alzheimer’s showing the most significant percentage increase. Therefore although we live a longer life what we truly want is a long, healthy and vibrant life. We want more.

More is possible! Having longevity and health is possible, and we see it in our celebrities. Jennifer Aniston is 49 years old. Jane Fonda is 80 years old, and both are going strong. But it’s not just celebrities. One of our doctor’s wives who is over 60 has gone back to college while her husband does 400 Lasik cases a month, outworking surgeons half his age. How is this possible?

To understand this, let’s have a serious discussion about aging. What is aging? You will be surprised to know that much of the answer is rather simple. Think of aging as a departure from the normal healthy functioning of your biochemistry and genetics. When you see it this way, you can see that treating aging involves restoring normal function of your biochemistry and genetics. Thanks to significant advances in genetics and biochemistry the abnormalities of aging can be measured and treated. The bottom line is that we now can test and treat many of abnormalities that accelerate aging.

And, importantly, these abnormalities cause and worsen all of the diseases that exist as we age, including heart disease, macular degeneration and Alzheimer’s. If you have symptoms or conditions that come with the aging process, it is a real statement to say that all of them can be benefit from anti-aging medicine. All that is needed is special testing and the creation of your customized care plan.

Anti-aging medicine is not covered by insurance. Insurance carriers look at it like Lasik or having a facelift, which is sad. There is a cost for it. That cost goes to paying for the expertise to interpret all of the laboratory data to create a unique customized, and personalized care plan. The cost also includes special testing and the treatment. Doctors who specialize in this type of care charge as much as 10,000 dollars.

However, because of economies of scale, we can tremendously reduce the cost of this investment into your health. Furthermore, It may be possible to offset the cost if you do have a disease with a diagnose that may cover the testing. Otherwise, consider this an investment in your quality of life and life expectancy.

Along with the many conditions anti-aging medicine can benefit are two diseases which bear mentioning. One is migraine [Bit.Ly/MigraineScience] for which this type of care has shown incredible success in the most difficult to treat patients. The second illness is macular degeneration [Bit.Ly/MacularDegenerationScience]. If you or someone you know have these conditions, you or they should see the videos on the web by using the link provided.

To learn more about how we can help you live the longest and healthiest life feeling your best, looking your best, seeing your best, and preventing and treating disease, we offer you an assessment to learn more about anti-aging medicine and how it can benefit you. To have an assessment, go to Bit.ly/XRMD2017 on the web and use your doctor’s code.

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