"Migraine Sufferers no longer need to suffer when we can now find the root cause of why migraine occurs so that a proper treatment plan can be recommended ." - Dr. Rozakis

About George W. Rozakis MD

Dr. George Rozakis is a board certified medical doctor and recipient of the prestigious Health Care Hero Award in the Advancements in Health-Care recognized by Crain's Magazine in Cleveland, Ohio.

George W. Rozakis MD is a board certified Ophthalmologist. He graduated from Case Western Reserve University with a degree in biomedical engineering and attend the Cornell Medical College in New York. He studied Ophthalmology at the Duke Eye Center and successfully began a solo private practice in Cleveland, Ohio.

1987-Present: LASIK & Refractive Surgery

Dr. Rozakis' first love was refractive surgery. He is an international leader in the field of LASIK refractive surgery. He was one of the first surgeons in the world and the second in the United States to perform LASIK. With his background in biomedical engineering, he designed and built excimer lasers. As he invented strategies to use lasers for LASIK, he patented treatments for custom LASIK surgery and other refractive techniques. In 1998, he was voted by his peers to receive an international award for his contributions to LASIK refractive surgery. He published a textbook on refractive surgery that was read throughout the world and even translated into Japanese.  He continues to do Lasik to this day.

2005-Present: xR Center of Excellence

In 2004, Dr. Rozakis became interested in physiology and epigenetics.  He created a team of people dedicated to solving medical problems using a physiologic or more "natural" approach. Instead of an "Rx" pharmaceutical approach to care, this was an "xR" approach where xR stands for physiology and epigenetics. 

It all began while he was on vacation where he met a doctor who was implementing this type of care to his patients. Encouraged by what he heard, he attended a conference in Chicago on and found the field to be fragmented area without clear direction. Sensing that this was similar to the early days of LASIK, Dr. Rozakis decided to collaborate with industry experts and PhD's to create a straight-forward Method to benefit patients.  This Method took 10+ years to evolve and proved to benefit the macula and many other medical concerns.  His last mission in his career is to make this Method available worldwide.  

Dr. Rozakis is the author of 2 textbooks, more than 30 publications in medical journals, and 4 inventions in ophthalmology and co-authored "Your Blood Doesn't Lie".

"There a a great deal more you can do if you have  Macular Degeneration than standard vitamins and injections." - Dr. Rozakis