About George W. Rozakis MD

"There a a great deal more you can do if you have  Macular Degeneration than standard vitamins and injections." - Dr. Rozakis

George W. Rozakis MD 

Business & Clinical Experience

GEORGE W. ROZAKIS MD - Dr. George W. Rozakis studied biomedical engineering at Case Western Reserve University and attended medical school at the Cornell Medical College and studied ophthalmology at the Duke Eye Center. He graduated from his residency program in 1987.

Soon after graduation, Dr. Rozakis became the second surgeon in United States to perform PRK surgery (LASIK's predecessor). This is a form of laser refractive surgery involving the lasering of the eye starting at its surface. He became involved in this project as a clinical investigator with Summit technologies and found that the procedure was effective, however produced a substantial amount of pain for the patient and the quality of vision was not as good as desired by the industry.

In 1992, he became aware of the new procedure call refractive lamellar keratoplasty. This procedure was the forerunner of LASIK refractive surgery. Dr. Rozakis learned this procedure from Dr. Ruiz in Bogota Colombia and brought it to the United States. He published a book on this subject call Refractive Lamellar Keratoplasty. In 1994, he developed his own excimer laser to perform LASIK refractive surgery after seeing how refractive lamellar keratoplasty and the excimer laser could nicely combined forces to produce the LASIK procedure. During this time he patented certain methods and apparatuses surrounding the LASIK procedure, including a method to use the laser to treat the problem of bifocals. 

His colleagues, seeing his expertise in LASIK refractive surgery purchased lasers from him to also begin this exciting procedure. Together with these colleagueshe helped establish the Keratomileusis Study Group, an international study group dealing with these types of procedures. Furthermore, during this period he worked extensively with the Food and Drug Administration regarding his research with LASIK.

In 1996, he reasoned that LASIK would not be the ideal surgical procedure for the very nearsighted. He identified a scientist in Moscow named Igor Valyunin.

He teamed up with a group of business people as their medical director to take Dr. Valyunin's technology into the marketplace. In order to help fund this venture he formed the Vision Venture Fund (VVFI), an international group of physicians investing in early-stage ophthalmic technologies. Under his guidance VVF1 invested in International Vision, Inc., the company structure to bring Igor's Russian phakic lens technology to the marketplace.

International Vision Inc. transferred the technology to the United States and acquired a California based manufacturing facility called Medennium. The Company utilized international data generated by Dr. Rozakis and his colleagues to bypass FDA Phase 1 and obtain a CE Mark in Europe. The technology was sold to

Medaminimum Today the United States marketing rights have been licensed to CIBA Novartis and the international rights to IOLTECH - Zeiss.

In 1998, he was voted by his peers to receive the Prof. Jose Ignacio Barraquer Award - an international award for his contribution to LASIK refractive surgery.

He was also the national medical director of Lasersight Centers and has written and published multiple textbooks on refractive surgery.

In 2004, Dr. Rozakis became interested in physiology and epigenetics. He created a team of people dedicated to solving medical problems using a physiologic or more "natural" approach. Instead of an "Rx" pharmaceutical approach to care, this was an "xR" approach where xR stands for physiology and epigenetics. 

It all began while he was on vacation where he met a doctor who was implementing this type of care to his patients. Encouraged by what he heard, he attended a conference in Chicago on and found the field to be fragmented area without clear direction. Sensing that this was similar to the early days of LASIK, Dr. Rozakis decided to collaborate with industry experts and PhD's to create a straight-forward Method to benefit patients. This Method took 10+ years to evolve and proved to benefit the macula and many other medical concerns. His last mission in his career is to make this Method available worldwide.  

Dr. Rozakis is the author of 2 textbooks, more than 30 publications in medical journals, and 4 inventions in ophthalmology and co-authored "Your Blood Doesn't Lie".

Currently due to high demand for his expertise in LASIK Eye Surgery, he travels the United States performing LASIK eye surgery with the largest and most trusted LASIK INSTITUTE in the world.

Dr. Rozakis continues to passionately treat his patients with tele-medicine and accepts patients from around the world.

Dr. Rozakis has been best known lately for his work educating the medical community and patients on how to best treat diseases.

"Migraine Sufferers no longer need to suffer when we can now find the root cause of why migraine occurs so that a proper treatment plan can be recommended ." - Dr. Rozakis