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The path to healing starts when you understand what is causing your symptoms. Let me repeat that. When you find out what is causing you to feel the way you do. In other words when you find out what is causing you to have vision loss, pain, whatever is it in which you are seeking relief from. Why do you have X,Y,Z symptom(s) you constantly ask yourself? Trust that Dr. Rozakis will lead you to understand your cause allowing him to lead you on a path of first ordering state-of-the-art epigenetic testing. Think, dna saliva test, food sensitivity finger prick test, methylation (biochemistry) blood test and hormone routine blood work testing. It’s not complicated if you just follow our lead.

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I was struggling. I was having a lot of distortions, almost a fish bowl effect out of my right eye and I was having trouble focusing. Within 3 months of being on Dr. Rozakis’ program my distortion was easing greatly and within 6 months that was completely gone and my eye sight was crystal clear.
63 years old